The ink. team will prepare and send you a proposal based on what was discussed in the consultation. Your proposal will include a tentative schedule, design/content examples, and total costs.


Once you sign off on the proposal and price, we will move forward with the design/content.



Contact us to schedule a consultation. 


The ink. team will sit with you to discuss and discover how you want to represent your brand.

This works best if you know a little about what you want, or have examples of what you like.




Once your custom design/content is complete, we will email it to you for feedback. 


We want you to have a say in the finished product, so you will get three edits  on the house.

Then, enjoy your words and pictures from ink.




Some words and pictures require regular maintenance. We can help with that, too. 

The ink. team can build you a custom maintenance and branding guide.

We will also walk you through five hours of training.

This gives you the power to maintain your own material.

If this feels overwhelming to you, don't worry!

The ink. team can also do monthly maintenance of your material for a small fee.


The Village & JACE Counseling

“I absolutely loved working with them! It was fun, easy, and they were totally on top of things even when I wasn’t!

They listened but also had great ideas about what I need and what would work for me. The flow of conversation was comfortable and the communication was easy. 


I really felt that they cared about me, what I wanted, my vision, and my business. I would definitely hire them again!


Actually, I already did and referred them to my family and friends!”


“We provided the team information, and they presented multiple samples for us to choose from.


 ink. continued to make modifications to their samples as we worked through the process together. 


We could not have been easy to work with since we did not have a clear vision of what we wanted. I really appreciated how easy it was to contact the team and how responsive they were to all our inquiries.


We were very happy with our end product and how ink. organized their work. ”

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