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Why Streamlining Your Virtual Footprint is Important for Your Small Business

Originally published in 2019.

Streamlining your online footprint is more important than ever. Don’t believe us? See some facts below.

In a statistical article last updated in May of 2019, Lindsay Liedke shares some interesting facts that should have web developers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is online beginning to streamline their online footprint.

Know How the Internet Works

There are 1.94 billion websites in 2019.

As of January 1, 2019, there were 4,100,667, 287 internet users spanning the globe.

Asia has the most internet users, with Europe in second place at 16.8%; Africa at 11%, and Latin America/Caribbean at 10.4%.

Blogs and Information Are Important for Your Website Visitors and Customers

Over four million blog posts are published daily, and 81% of online consumers trust information found on blogs. Sixty-one percent of United States consumers make purchases based on a blog.

What You're Missing not Using Media and Retail (Generating Business)

In 2019, digital media is expected to generate $240 billion of all ad money.

Global online retail sales are growing. These rates are estimated to reach 8.8% of retail spending by 2018, with 47.3% of the world population buying online.

This information indicates one in four people will shop online at least once a week, and only 28% of United States small businesses sell their products online.

What Does This Information Mean?

A lot of people are online. With over four billion users online, out of the 7.7+ billion people in the world, 56% of the world's population sees your online footprint at least once a week. Of course, not everyone is going to buy what you are selling, right?

Well, yes. However, if your online footprint doesn’t have a seamless transition from a blog, to e-commerce, to social media, to email, etc., then how are people going to find you in the first place?

If your business doesn’t get organized, how can you ever sell to 56% of the world that is buying online? How can you beat the 28% of small businesses who are selling online? How can you learn to compete?

ink. a media & development company streamlines online business footprints. We take each part of your business from your website to your email structure to your online filing system and help you create a brand for your business. We will develop something that suits you, speaks to your consumers, and allows your business to grow online in a way that is organized and works right for you.


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