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Where in the World Should Women Entrepreneurs Work?

Originally published in 2019.

Over the past six months, many cities have been scrambling to find stats and facts about their residents. Learning that a town is a good place for anyone to work can be a make or break point for people to move in. Supportive cities, where the local government supports residents, would be a good sell to anyone looking to start a business. It turns out there are many places in the world that support women entrepreneurs. Read below to find a list of whose so kind to their women; it might make you want to move there.

The San Francisco Bay Area, CNBC reported on July 16, 2019, has overtaken New York City as the number one best place in the world for a woman entrepreneur to live. Over the past three years, the effort to eliminate the bro-culture has begun to pay off.

San Francisco increased access to funding for women and tech developments.

Five main metrics are reported on to understand how each city is ranked; these five are metrics, talent, capital, culture, and technology. San Francisco surpassed all parameters well enough to become the number one listed city in the world.

Number two, and still pulling strong for ladies in business, is New York City. They are followed by London, Boston, and Los Angeles. Washington DC, Seattle, Paris, Toronto, and Stockholm rounded out the top 10 cities in the world.

Standard measuring metrics aside, the number of women entrepreneurs has gone up 63.7% in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2017 to 2018 with Black women leading the crowd.

It’s a great leap forward for San Francisco and women everywhere.

Don't want to move? Working remotely means you can work anywhere!

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