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Three-Way Thursdays: flow.

Welcome to ink.’s Three-Way Thursday Word blog post, where we talk about one word with three definitions. It’s super fun!

Let's get down to business. This week's word is:


As in, “Eve’s period exhibited a variety of light and heavy flow days.” or “Yo, Reggie’s flow was mad sick on that last track."

1. Flow: The rate or speed at which something flows.

(Definition found on Google.)

2. Flow: A rapper’s ability to vocalize a rhythmic, yet complex string of rhymes that fit together in a logical and seamless manner.

(Definition found on Urban Dictionary).

3. Flow: A term used to describe the manner in which hair “flows” out and curls up around the edge of a male athlete’s helmet in the back. Mostly a hockey term, this also can be used by lacrosse players, baseball players, and occasionally just regular guys with hair. The men who “have flow” seem to think it gives them good luck.

(Definition found on Urban Dictionary).

~ ~ ~

Thank you for joining our Three-Way Thursday Word Blog. If you have a word you would like to see three ways, send us an email at, leave a comment down below, or catch us at our social media hangouts Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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