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Three-Way Thursdays: bitch.

Who’s in the mood for a three-way? Word-Word-Three-Way-Words. One word, three definitions. Let’s get down to business.

The word "bitch" has many negative connotations that go with it. However, some women choose to take it as their own. Other women refuse to use it on principle. Whatever you're preference is in using it, here are three other ways you can.

What camp are you in? Leave your comments below.


As in, “The car is a bitch to start." or “Stop your bitching, it's time to work!"

1. Bitch: A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.

(Definition found on Google.)

2. Bitch: A difficult or unpleasant situation or thing.

(Definition found on Google).

3. Bitch: Express displeasure; grumble.

(Definition found on Urban Dictionary).

~ ~ ~

Thank you for joining our Three-Way Thursday Word Blog. If you have a word you would like to see three ways, send us an email at, leave a comment down below, or catch us at our social media hangouts Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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