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Putting Myself Out "There"

I went through many thoughts as I decided on whether or not to put myself into a blog about writing (again). I am quite a private person and don't tend to like the everyday minutia of personal social media and may not ever be the writer who says and does the things that someone else with more enthusiasm for presenting themselves would.

I do, however, love writing.

I have made it my life's goal to become a writer, and I am. But, I want to write more and do more things. To me, this means garnering some form of an online presence.

And what better way than to start than to write a blog.

As I said, I have had personal and professional work on blogs before, but this time I am more situated with myself. I also have the experience of having done this stuff before. And, instead of jumping in feet first, I'm going to jump headfirst in so I can see where I am going.

Even Alice got to sit on a rocking chair (or two) when she fell down the rabbit hole, right?

So, here I am. Welcome to my website. I am excited to see where the journey will take me. I'm excited to have whoever wants to come along for the ride, along. I am looking forward to sharing some great times with you.

Enjoy your writing, enjoy your day, and find something to be grateful for today.

All the best,

Kara M. Zone

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