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Journal Me Monday: Time or Not

I have this idea to set a countdown clock on my blog. Not really for anyone else but myself because, honestly, I don't think that anyone is really anxious about me starting to send out submissions to publications except myself.

While I think about whether or not it will help, hurt, or do nothing to my writing, I feel as though visualizing things can be helpful.

My thoughts at this point are that even if the countdown clock runs out, it is not as though a bomb would go off and destroy anything. Lives are not dependent on me emailing submissions, so perhaps I should not put too much stress on the idea.

As long as I'm kind to myself and others, that matters most, right?

For now, the jury is undecided, but if you sometimes come across a countdown clock on my website, just know that I'm not using it to count down until the world comes to an end.

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