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Journal Me Monday: Halloween

Today, I'm not actually writing.

This is a planned-out post that was written before and scheduled before I left for a long weekend.

I'm driving home with my family from my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew's house out of state.

Our normal Halloween routine is to go to a local farm, get pumpkins, and two huge bags of apples, watch spooky movies, listen to spooky music, make apple sauce, and carve pumpkins. We don't give out too much candy because kids and their parents don't hit our house, only because of where it sits on the street.

Otherwise, we will have a nice Halloween.

This year, I had enough time to decorate in a spooky fashion too. I've really enjoyed October, and I wonder what the next few months of 2022 will bring for me.

I wish you all a happy Halloween and an amazing last two months of the year.

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