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It’s Okay to Take a Break

Originally published June 1, 2020

Women are powerhouses; fierce and ambitious human beings. But sometimes, it’s okay to take a break. We don’t always have to be superwomen and manage everything. We tend to forget who we are and lose ourselves trying to make a name. Nobody ever tells us when we need to slow down. We are still human beings that need a break to breathe. We must take care of ourselves, whether that means self-care, a vacation, doing a hobby you love, reading, or waking up ten minutes before normal to journal. We cannot save the world all day, every day. As kids, we are told to make sure we have a stable career, get married, have children; but not everyone’s life ends up that way (which is okay). You are still that badass who started that company from the ground up. You persevered through trials and tribulations, and were able to get back in the game. But where’s your break? Let’s look at some ways strong women can take a break and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Self-Care for the Soul

Self-care is making sure your soul and you as a person are taken care of. Some ideas for businesswomen to indulge in some self-care is burning some candles, soaking in the tub while listening to your favorite song, ordering yourself some flowers, cooking yourself dinner, or sitting by your window to enjoy some views. If you’re a married businesswoman with children, let your kids go over to their friend’s house. Let your husband play his video games or have a night out with his guy friends. That way you can enjoy the time alone. Kick your feet up with your favorite bottle of wine, turn

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Hello, my name is Alexis Williamson (soon-to-be Audrey). I am a young, aspiring screenwriter from the south side of Chicago, IL. I've wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl and decided a year ago to major in screenwriting so I can write movies! I have other interests in music, fashion, and painting. I love meeting people from all walks of life, cooking, and having intellectual conversations. I am a tea lover and a cat mom!

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