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If You Haven't Yet . . . You Should.

Have you read anything by Angela Davis?

You should.

While I actually understand why Angela Davis' book Women, Race, & Class is not required reading for any college or high school senior level student, *cough* systemic racism *cough* *cough,* it should be. One chapter in which many people would slap their foreheads and realize the vast majority of what they have been taught as a student severely lacked significant amounts of knowledge, history, and gross items about the United States.

Where it is easy for people to get outraged with Angela Davis' information, she writes it with such relatability and non-judgment that it made my heart swell as a white woman even while knowing that other women of my race had shunned important parts of the womanly population for no good reason other than trying to get better PR.

Davis highlights the realization that if we had worked together, we might have been in a better place now. Instead, enormous mistakes were made by leaving out other valuable members of society just because of the color of their skin.


While it could all be very upsetting and have me feeling even more discouraged about the world. How Davis wrote about the history of Black women and the struggle for all women gave me hope that this world will one day shake itself up to the point where all people will be treated with love, compassion, and equality.

Until then, everyone should keep reading Ms. Davis and others like her.

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