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Five Reasons Why Social Media is Important For Your Small Business

Whether we like it or not, social media is the future of brand marketing—and the future is now.

Whether you’re using social media to spread brand awareness, promote an event, or drive ad revenue, it’s undeniably the cheapest form of marketing—but it does take some commitment.

Every small business should have at least one (depending on its size) person consistently dedicated to updating and checking its social media and strategizing best practices for posting.

Here are the reasons why your small business can’t afford to skip out on social media.

1. Social Media Builds Brand Awareness

As a small business, you’ll need all the exposure you can get. The more followers you have, the more you’re going to get, and the more your brand awareness will grow.

90% of all marketers who have run small businesses say social media was an integral part of building their business.

2. Social Media Drives Ad Revenue

Businesses need advertising to succeed, and those advertisements are generally placed on their websites.

If you post a link to a web page on your social media platform, those who visit the web page will see the advertisements. Your company gets revenue every time those advertisements are examined.

3. Social Media Engages a Community

Community engagement should be a priority for anyone running a business, and the way the world comes together in 2019 is through social media.

Find a way to assemble your following whether it’s through an interesting conversation, a Facebook group, a poll, a Twitter thread, a video, etc. Get people talking, and soon, they’ll be talking about you.

4. Social Media Brings People to Your Events

Events are a primary form of income for most businesses, and social media is your go-to marketing tool to push those events out. Facebook lets you post and promote event listings, and you can push your event on every platform you have.

Event recap photos are critical because they engage people who were at the event, and they let others know that your company is real, active, and making a difference in people’s lives.

5. Social Media Helps You Get to Know Your Audience

If you want to sell something successfully, you have to know who you’re selling to. Social media platforms provide free analytics that helps you analyze which types of people most commonly interact with your posts.

Analytics and insights will help you determine the different demographics of your most active followers like their interests, ages, professions, locations, and more. Pay attention to these insights as they will help you sell your products and services.

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