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A Thanksgiving Post: Celebrate a Past Event with pie and a ritual sacrifice.

Just like many things in the United States, Thanksgiving has complicated roots that are ripe with suffering, twists, turns, and pain tangled up with the idea of gratefulness.

Thanksgiving does mark the beginning of the winter holiday season as well.

But that doesn't mean that everyone is happy and celebrating. Many people have lives that are less than what some of us have. Many people have lives that are more than what we have.

Taking the tarnished and bloody history of Thanksgiving out of the mix isn't something we should ever forget. But practicing gratitude is something that we should do more often.

I am thankful for many things in my life. I try to remember to be thankful every day. I wake up daily and make a list of at least five things I am grateful for.

I suppose that certain things may slip from my mind, especially when I'm having a hard time, but other things are always forefront.

I have a warm home. I always have something to eat. I can always feed my children. I have love and support from those closest to me. I can work with my health issues and not let them completely take over my life.

I am very lucky. I am grateful for how lucky I am. I also always think about Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she described Thanksgiving.

It is a ritual sacrifice. With pie.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your ritual sacrifice! Be thankful and grateful for the small things in life.

Eat pie if you like it!

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