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kara zone

head writer, graphic designer, fearless leader

Kara M. Zone is a writer, editor, designer, and the founder/CEO of ink. a media and design company. She created ink.mdc with the idea that business culture could implement compassion and still successfully help clients build a comprehensive revenue stream.


She works with clients to design and mold brands in a way that shows innovation, empowerment, and consciousness. 

In her free time, she plays board games with her family, watches terrible television shows, and reads books in bed at an obscenely early hour of the night.

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brooke german

head editor, content manager, admin goddess

Brooke German is a graduate of Youngstown State University, and she holds a bachelor's degree in professional and technical writing.


Brooke is ink.'s editor-in-chief and content manager. Not only does she love editing, she has the experience to back it! Her editing projects include articles, websites, brochures, books, and more. 


In her spare time, you can find Brooke reading--usually two books at one time.

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julia opre

staff writer, web designer, idea incubator

Julia is a late bloomer and jill-of-many-trades.


She holds a bachelor’s in anthropology and in religious studies from Youngstown State University. She has juggled various endeavors over the past 10 years, having worked as a screenwriter, fiber artist, costume designer, fantasy faire character actress, project manager, social media content creator, and stay-at-home mom. 


She enjoys the great outdoors (the wilder the better), knitting, playing games, and making people laugh with stupid jokes.

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    jessica paull

    assistant editor, staff writer, high meme priestess

    Dr. Jessica Paull is a doctor, but cannot help with that rash--please see your regular medical provider. Her degree is in sociology, with a focus on inequality, which she uses to analyze pop culture or anything within a 10-foot radius. Jessica’s happy place is filled with coffee, puppies, and vintage dresses. She hopes to leave the world slightly better than she found it.

    Check out some of Jessica's work.

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    aanchal bhattacharya

    content contributor, staff writer, pop culture aficionado

    Aanchal Bhattacharya has inspiration flowing through her veins. 

    She holds a first-class joint honors degree in history and religious studies from McGill University. She is also a Wasserman Scholar and has a master's degree in cinema studies from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. From Indulging in creative writing to directing short films, Aanchal's passion has driven her to artistically express herself in this ever-changing world.

    No matter how busy life gets, Aanchal always makes time for watching movies/television shows, listening to awesome music, and engaging in inspiring "food for thought" discussions with family and friends.

    Check out some of Aanchal's work.

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